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Cultivation for User's Hope (CFUH)

We are persons living with mental illnesses and the only Liberian organization established and run by mental health service users in Liberia. We represent the voices of all persons in Liberia who are, one way or the other, affected by mental illness. We work in the interest of persons living with mental illnesses at all levels through advocacy, capacity building, empowerment, awareness and stigma reduction. 


Our Objectives


  • We work to advance the social inclusion and integration of Mental Health service users, through sustained advocacy and effective community engagement

  • We work to improve the livelihoods and psychological well-being of persons living with mental illnesses

  • We work to support mental health service users through psycho-social services or community focused awareness 

  • We work to promote stress reduction and psychosocial re-orientation for mental health service users


What we do 


  • Community engagement and outreach: we work with communities and families to raise awareness about mental illnesses; fighting the abuses and violence that persons living with mental illnesses face

  • Sustainable livelihood development: We work with persons with mental illnesses who are in wellness to improve their livelihoods through skills development, education, and scholarship support

  • Psychosocial Support and Peer counseling: we work with persons with mental illnesses, families, and communities to improve social relations and psychological well-being. We promote transit homes for abandoned users’ in wellness.




We advocate with stakeholders and policymakers to ensure that persons living with mental illnesses receive the necessary attention and services they need to fully enjoy life on an equal basis with others.



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Contact  CFUH

Tel: 00231-770-368261

Tel: 00231-880-953797


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Our Location

C/O The Carter Center Mental Health Program
Congo Town, Monrovia

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